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Saturday, September 30, 2006
Stem Cell Research

Since the day the President vetoed the bipartisan bill authorizing Federal funds to support embryonic stem cell research, the issue has become quiet in the press. Yet, people continue to feel intensely that as time passes opportunities are being wasted that could resolve (heal) conditions like diabetes, possible neural problems of the brain, possibley spinal problems.

I am aware that many American Catholics do not subscribe to the Pope's belief that a human embryo is a child. That belief has set a boundary that conservative American politicians have adopted to please their conservative voter base. I think the time has come when conservative voices, who accept the premise that embryonic stem cell research is a field in medical science, need to make their views known. Their views are confirmed by the scientific biologist's view that conception occurs only when an embryo is emplanted in the wall of the womb. Prior to that time, the embryo, whether still is in a petrie dish where fertilization has occurred, or in a frozen state as a surplus embryo from an invitro fertilization procedure, is a physical being potential -- not a child.

There are over five million embryo's maintained in cryogenic deep freeze. Many are owned by donors who pay a fee for their retention. Should they choose not to continue this expense those embryos could be sold to the fertilization clinic, or destroyed. The clinic's interest in owning them is to hedge the possibility that at some future time a changed policy climate could make them available for embryonic stem cell reseach.
“I know that I have two parts – my physical part, which includes my personality, and my spiritual part, my energetic body or soul, which is immortal.”

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