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Saturday, October 21, 2006

We know about it, that makes us involved. Months ago President Bush called it genocide. Yet, nothing has been accomplished to stop the Sudan government from moving huge quantities of warfare equipment and troops to prepare for outright massive conflict against rebel tribes. It is an uneven and exploitive battle against an indigenous people who have traditionally been peaceful farmers.

For years harassment by Arab militia, called Janjaweed, have destroyed villages, killed men and boys, raped women, drove survivors into displaced persons camps. Over two million persons now depend on food, water and medical aid to survive. Now aid workers are being killed to the extent there is great risk in replacing them. Without their care – genocide will occur from starvation and disease.

That genocide is upon us now!

Each of us can write our Senators urging that body of elected officials to bring pressure on the United Nations, to declare the Sudanese government a Rogue State. That designation will allow the UN to partition-off the disputed areas, stop further attacks from both sides in the conflict and re-establish long-term protected care in the displaced persons’ camps.

The Sudanese government does not want the UN to intervene. The Sudanese government has lost its sovereignty in this matter, and the UN has the right to impose control and protection over the displaced persons. This situation is so grave the United States should take the lead to provide the first wave of force and air support, under UN auspices, while other African forces are recruited and deployed.

The eventual solutions to this crisis require a dedication to negotiations to create a new National Sudanese plan that grants and protects the rights of its citizens, including the sharing of natural resources revenue to help the people reclaim their lives on their own land again. Key to this will be a sensitive cultural accommodation that will train men to accept as partners women who were raped, and their children, so that new family units can be established to benefit all.
“I know that I have two parts – my physical part, which includes my personality, and my spiritual part, my energetic body or soul, which is immortal.”

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