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Master Mind - Aura Portrait of Robert Temple Frost
Aura Portrait of Robert Temple Frost

From aura visualization by psychic/artist Carol Skylark...

“We think through to the throat at which point we see a very clearly defined being — an Indian. This is an Indian of many feathers, a speaker, a chief. Around that headdress there is an orange Buddhic headdress that has to do with manifesting from higher levels of spirit and spirituality. — manifesting in a more worldly way with joy; and above the head in the crown of this ancient speaker there is a very fastly spinning blue diamond of light — a seer, a conceiver, a clear reception center. Waters and sunlight from the rising sun feed through the waters of the body, into the waters of the heart, providing the fluidity, the healing, the nurturing of the waters of life....”


The Little Blue Book; a novel by Robert Temple Frost


I consider The Little Blue Book as a sequel to my novel, The KNOWERS – First Move. In that book, I guided readers to the concept that each Soul has a purpose in life, and that purpose is to help others. When the characters in my novel became aware of their true purpose in life and accepted it, they began to change their lives, and they began to help resolve social dysfunctions, like homelessness, child abuse, and the polarity that exists regarding the matter of "choice," a Woman’s Right to Choose whether to carry a fetus to term or not.

As for the color blue in The Little Blue Book, I chose it because blue represents the energy center of the body known as the throat chakra. My new book speaks of the wisdom that flows from us when we discover, accept, and act knowing that our physical body is merely the vehicle needed for our Immortal Soul to achieve Its current experience on Planet Earth.

My new book will serve as a powerful awakening to the reality that we are far more that our physical ego, that the real value in our physical life experience is to live as our Soul.

The Little Blue Book can be ordered now for the modest price of $8.00. When you read this book you will welcome the comfort and feeling of serenity in your life as you come to know your immortal soul as a close friend.

Thanks, for being with me.

—Robert Temple Frost

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